Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ever visited Lit Up Magazine Blog?

From their site:

Lit Up Magazine is whatever you want it to be. Send us your music, photos, video’s, news and events, your writing, opinions, whatever. This is your world. We want you happy. We want you here...all of you. Submit to

If you decide to visit the site use the control F feature on your computer and search for the poems of Nabina Das, who sent in news to PWB about this site. Her two poems are Othello's Path and Bouquets. Her work has also recently appeared in The Cartier Street Review and The Toronto Quarterly.

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fleuve-souterrain said...

Dear Sara
thanks a ton! also thanks for letting me be a part of the exciting 12 days of poetry project...

If visitors to Lit Up Magazine go exactly to the page, they'd be able to find my poems along with others. And I just got word from Quay journal of arts that one of my poems will be featured in their spring issue. Will post info later about how to purchase a copy of Quay.
Happy holidays!!