Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Lend a Line Options for You

We’ve had two more lines donated to our Lend a Line Project that started September
5th 2008.

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The idea is to use one of the lines as the first line in a new poem. Send the poem to me in an email and make sure you put PWB in the subject line. Then the poem will be posted here on PWB. Make sure you tell me your screen name and also give me a link to your blog. All readers can take part, even if you aren't a PWB blog member.

Here are the lines:

"Grass blades resonate under the breeze.."

From "Now that green is just green"
by AC French (AKA poetrydances man)

"Some as fools fall within without care,
the warm blanketed arms of comfort's kiss"

From "The wages of immoderate pleasure" AC French. (AKA Poetrydances man)

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