Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shine a Light on Poetry- Day Eleven

Hello everyone. The site I am featuring today is not the work of one poets but of many. Young American Poets accepts submissions of poetry and short stories. The editors are Daniel Bennett, Julian Bailey, David Weinglas and Kevin Bacon.

The voices portrayed on this site are youthful and fresh. Their poetry is not the studied, strict to form type but that seems to be the beauty of it, to me, because in each poem it is as if you are looking into the window of a dorm room on some college campus and seeing the life, heart, soul and pain of a real person.

I suggest you check out and comment on Harsh Words From Letdown Parents then catch your breath and dive into the very emotionally raw poem Silenced.

Stop in and support Young American Poets today. They haven't been online that long and I'm sure they would love to hear their efforts are appreciated. Feel free to submit to them if the mood strikes you.


Young American Poets said...

We feel honored to be included here. Thank you Sara! We also wish to thank all poets who submit their work and keep YAP alive.

Thank you!

Stone said...

Great information Sara. Thanks for the share.