Saturday, October 04, 2008

Shine a Light on Poetry- Day Four

Its another beautiful fall day here in the midwest. Hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are. Today is the fourth day of our October project that is aimed at spotlighting some of the poetry bloggers-new and old- on our list.

Have you gotten a chance to visit the first three sites listed yet?

I'm pleased to dedicate today's post to featuring the tireless efforts of Janet Leigh Dowd who runs the poetry information blog: Poetmeister 4 Poets. This site is jam packed with news of what is going on in the poetic blogosphere. Its a labor of love that benefits all other poetry bloggers and well worth your time to check out.

Remember to mention that PWB sent you when you stop by Poetmeister 4 Poets. And if you want to read some of Janet Leigh Dowd's poetry cruise on by her blog Poetmeister....on the road to Parnassus, a site I've visited often.

Thanks for working hard on all of our behalf at Poetmeister 4 Poets, Janet Leigh. You deserve applause for making the poetry blogosphere a better place.


janetleigh said...

Thank you so much for including me in your October "Shine a Light on Poetry-Day Four," Sara, and for all the support you've shown me over time. I must tell you tho that your visitors who perchance go to visit Poetmeister 4 Poets! will see the site hasn't been updated in a while. I've been on a hiatus from blogging since the death of a very close family member of which we are the executors of her estate. It has consumed all of my time and energy. I sure do hope it won't be too much longer before I can get back into the swing of things blog-wise, because this poetry community is my heart and I cling to my Poetmeister blog so you can be assured that I'll be returning when I feel I can! Again, thank you so much, Sara. You're really the one we should be highlighting - everyday - and I will be blogging about you on P4P as one of my first posts when I get back. {{{hugs}}}

tumblewords said...

Another site I've not seen, but bookmarked for rapid return. My sympathies to Ms Leigh...