Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shine a Light on Poetry- Day Five

Thank you for coming back for another day of project to promote poetry blogs on our list. I hope this is a way to allow readers to find blogs that they otherwise might have overlooked. I am trying to showcase all different types and styles of work. No two hearts or souls or minds are identical, and no two poetry blogs are indentical. They all have their own feel and identity, born from the imagination of the poet who posts there.

Today PWB is shining our spotlight on a blog that is a personal favorite of mine- Brief Poems from poetry blogger Brian. Always succinct, these poems vary in tone from the heartwrenching but calmy told commentary on life- like you'll find in the poem Okay- to the funny, sad and lonesome. Brian covers the full range of human emotion with his work, leaving me constantly amazed he can make me feel so much by saying so little.

Drop by Brief Poems and see for yourself what I mean. Because this poems are always so short they are great to check out on your lunch hour or while you are waiting to see if you won that auction on ebay or for a song to download off Itunes. His work really does fit into the rapid paced lifestyle most people lead these days.

Thanks for being a member of PWB, Brian, and for sharing your brief but always thoughtprovoking work with us all.


punatik said...

Succinct. To the point. He's drivin' the nail in with one swing.
Thanks Sara. Great work Brian

tumblewords said...

I love short and Brian writes it well! Great site!