Thursday, October 02, 2008

Shine a Light on Poetry- Day Two

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed checking out Fragments of Reality yesterday.

The site that I have picked to highlight today is Poems Before Breakfast. This blog showcases the work of Mark Folse. His poems have an unmistakable southern charm which fits well with the tag line of this blog- Poetry from and sometimes about New Orleans.

I found his work to be thoughtfully composed. His poems transport the reader to time and place of his work- dropping you right into the deep South and making you glad to be there to sit for a spell. My favorite that has the ability to do this is titled
Blinded by the Sunrise: For Everett Maddox, which is a darkly romantic piece. To read an amazingly stunning poem about the devastation wrought from Hurricane Katrina, click here and read The Tsunami of St. Claude Avenue(Version 2).

Take a moment to visit Mark Folse at Poems Before Breakfast and you won't be disappointed.


punatik said...

I greatly enjoyed reading Mark's work.Thanks Sara

Sara said...

Thanks for stopping by again today!

tumblewords said...

I enjoyed his work and will return to follow links and watch how he gets into revision!

Zouxzoux said...

I've been following Mark's work/blog since way before I started mine. His poetry is a joy to read.