Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shine a Light on Poetry Month- Day One

Hello poets and poetry lovers! This month PWB will showcase a new poetry site from our blogroll each day in an effort to bring attention to some of our newer sites. So cruise on my as many as you can and leave the poet at least one comment, so they know that PWB works.

Our first featured site is Fragments of Reality from poetry blogger Punatik. Hailing from Hawaii, he lives on the side of volcano, and is brand new to the blogosphere. His poems speak to the everyman with refreshingly honest simplicity- check out this one called Smiling to see what I mean. But I also found one that is quite lush and sensual- click here to read Salt Spray. I also stumbled along a post that is filled with his own unique take on writing what he calls a Pseudo Haiku.

Punatik is just getting started on his poetry blogger adventure so I'm sure he would appreciate all the support he could get.

Poets Who Blog wishes great success to Fragments of Reality.


Wordcrafter said...

Writerwoman, you are the poets' angel. Still having trouble accessing Blogger on my browser, so I get the chance to do some random reading when I can get to another browser.

oceanic mirages said...

amazing blog with amazing potential,congratulations...and something way more than that...

punatik said...

I can't begin to articulate how I felt when I saw this, after clicking on PWB. All I can say is Thank You.
I really enjoy this site and there are so many great poets here to enjoy.

Thank you,

punatik said...

Wow !!! The comments are coming in like a downpour! Thanks for all your hard work Sara. PWB Rocks!