Friday, September 05, 2008

Lend a line poem

I orginally read about this concept at Read. Write. Poem.

What you do is find a line from one of your poems and donate it to other poets to use by leaving it in the comments section. All other poets are allowed to take that line and use it as the first one in their own poem.

Send your completed new poem to poetswhoblog at yahoo. com to be posted on this site, along with your screen name and the link to your poetry blog.


Raven's Wing Poetry said...

OK, I'll bite. Here's my donated line:

"trailing her midnight cloak behind"

(from "She Moves, Softly")


PWB Manager said...

Great, Nicole!

Here's my line to donate

like ice scraping against glass, glass, glass.

Its from Twisted


Emilio said...

" Barking neon illuminates the trash strewn street "

From "Hollywood"


forgetmenow said...

"while clouds flowered soft new dreams"

cool idea, this! *heh

forgetmenow said...

oops, it's from a poem NOT on my blog but it's here

writerwoman - if you prefer to delete this, i'll offer something that IS in blogland *grin

PWB Manager said...

The line you submitted is fine. Thanks for taking part.


Claudel said...

"So beautiful, more beautiful then ever"

bitchyangel said...

"independence is anything but liberty"

from freedom

Anonymous said...

"Some as fools fall within without care,
the warm blanketed arms of comfort's kiss"

From "The wages of immoderate pleasure" AC French. (AKA Poetrydances man)

poetrydances said...

"Grass blades resonate under the breeze.."

From "Now that green is just green"
by AC French (AKA poetrydances man)