Monday, September 29, 2008

October will be Shine a Light on Poetry month at PWB. Each day I will spotlight a new blog off our blogroll. Your challenge is to then visit that blog and show some support for that blogger.

I obviously can only pick a small percentage of our blog list to highlight but I hope to get a good mix of different styles. Please take the time to visit some of these sites and show the bloggers that PWB works.


Sara said...

This will be a VERY important test of PWB.

If no one visits these sites than it will just be obvious I shouldn't bother with such a project again.

While no one is expected to visit all the sites, if you can visit one a week you would help to keep PWB working.

Make PWB work for all poets online!

Sara said...

I am also thinking of having a Gold List of PWB Members,and listing those blogs first on our blog roll.

I have been thinking of it for a while. But I hesitate because PWB is not really about "These members are more important that these members," mentality. But the members that comment, visit often, do prompt poems, suggest ways to improve the site, talk about PWB at their own site, and really are proud to be members DO make the site better.

The ones who get on our blogroll and never come back again are not good members (coming back once a month is fine, if you then do something to TAKE PART in PWB. Meaning visit a blog and comment, or take part in one of our projects, or mention PWB to a new poetry blogger).

I'm not sure a Gold List is a good idea. Though I would LOVE to honor the members that make this site work, I don't want to make PWB hostile in any way.

I would love for more members to just jump in and take part so that I don't have to do something that classifies members as:

Those who comment and take part
those who we haven't seen in months.

PWB is not like other blogs. It is a program. If you join the blogroll you take on responsibilties.

The main thing we ask is that you take five minutes each week to comment on PWB and blogs on the blogroll. Make sure you mention, when you comment, PWB sent me

that way it shows the world that PWB is working.

adi said...

am looking forward to it, sara

and, i'll soon be putting up a post concerning PWB, so that more of my Indian poet friends can come and visit the site and take part in it

thanks for this beautiful passion you have for poetry

oceanic mirages said...

Hi Sara,

I'm Deepti from New Delhi, India. Came here through Adi's blog. Am passionate about poetry and reading new poets.
I hope you will put me on the PWB blog roll soon :) Here's the link for my blog:

Hope you'll like it.
Thanks a ton.

writerwoman said...

Welcome to PWB, oceanic images.