Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Barrelhouse, a literary magazine with a pop-culture twist, seeks unpublished poetry, fiction and essays on the theme of "The Future". Editors say: "Barrelhouse, like any writer with a hint of an alcohol problem, both loves and dreads the future. But who cares what we think? What are your thoughts on the topic? Got a great story about what the world will be like in 2327? Got a super essay delineating why the hover board is not yet flying off the shelves of your local Toys R’ Us? Got an amazing poem about what type of programming will dominate network television schedules in the next millennium? When it comes to writing about the future, the possibilities are virtually limitless....

A quick note: Please keep in mind this is not exactly a sci-fi writing contest. That isn’t to say we won’t publish an awesome future-oriented sci-fi story if you’ve got one, but keep in mind Barrelhouse is a little more interested in people than in plot, in personal connections with ideas than in personal connections with crazy aliens who have three penises (though if you could effectively work that into an essay or story we’d love to read it).The future is about lots of things, including what might happen next week, with you and that bike messenger with the tattoo of Gary Coleman on his calf, or when your kids go to college, or when Ryan Seacrest is finally crowned King of America."

Deadline - Must be recieved by September 12th

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