Monday, September 08, 2008

First Lend a Line Poem

Hello poets. Recently we started a project where you can lend a line from one of your poems to be the first line used in a new poem. Punatik from Fragments of Reality used
Raven's line to write the following poem:

Moonlight by Emilio

Trailing her midnight cloak behind
She move within the circle
Passing by the sigils
She speaks words
Of a tongue
Long thought lost

The light of the moon
Casts a glow
On censer, book, and sword
She performs the
Ancient ritual
No one is ever told

Of questions asked
Or answers given
They are for her alone
She is the triple Goddess
Maiden, Mother, Crone


writerwoman said...

Very mysterious tone to this poem. Intersting! Thanks for taking part.

Nocturnal existence said...

simply beautiful.

punatik said...

Thank you for this opportunity. I also thank you for your comments. You cant believe, after all these years, how much it means to me to see that others enjoy my writing.

Thank you all so very much,

punatik said...

P.S. Thank you Raven for a wonderful first line..."Midnight cloak" hooked me.


Anonymous said...

this is wonderfully evocative, Emilio!

Anonymous said...

a nice scene, beautiful imagery. I enjoy learning new words, too.
Keep writing!

punatik said...

thanks for stopping by pzaz !!!
I like the latin phrase "Lege,lege, relege, ora et laborum"

"Read, read,re-read, work and pray"

Seems to get me through the day...Hey that ryhmes...Ooops.