Monday, September 29, 2008

Note- When looking for poems for the September Collection, I found a lot of bad links on our list. I am going to have to delete those blogs, when I find the time. If you would like to readded, leave a message. I check my email sporadically so it could be a while before I can get back to anyone. I found blogs only open to invited readers and blogs that were erased. I want the list to be of blogs that have poetry so it will have to be fixed, as soon as I find time to dive into it and get it right. Please USE the list, when you can, so that the effort I make to make it better is for a good cause.

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Wordcrafter said...

Thank you Sara for chosing of my poem for the September collection. I am having problems accessing Blogger from my browser, so I am leaving this quick message from elsewhere,but will return to read others once my problem is solved.