Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Poetry Rolodex

Below is a listing of the people who own poetry websites, ezines and poetry communities online. This list will be updated as need be. Alphabetized by first name.

Alan Fox- editor-in-chief of Rattle.

Andree co-founder of One Single Impression, a haiku prompt site.

B A De Oliveira associate editor of prose at Babel Fruit.

Billy the Blogging Poet- creator of The Blogsboro Poetry Club. Also owns the Network.

Bone runs Three Word Wednesday, a prompt site for fiction and/or poetry.

Carolee co-founder of The Fertile Ground. and poem.

Cati Porter- associate editor of poetry at Babel Fruit and founding editor of Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry.

Christine Klocek-Lim- editor of Autumn Sky Poetry.

Deb currently in charge over at Read Write Poem.

Donna Allred- the founder of Poets and Writers Registry, a global community.

Gina Smith - the ZNE verses moderator at at ZNE Art and Poetry.

Janet Leigh runs Poetmeister 4 Poets.

Jessica Fox-Wilson is one of the editors of Asphlat Sky.

Jilly Poet- co-founder of The Fertile Ground. and poem. Also runs Patchwork Poetry.

Jo Hemmant is one of the editors of Asphlat Sky.

Kate is one of the editors of Asphlat Sky and she also runs the blog Wednesday Machine Arts Collective.

Jodi Barone is the group moderator at ZNE Art and Poetry, a mixed media group for artists and poets.

John Powers publisher of Got

Juliet Wilson -editor of Bolts of Silk.

Madeline Begun Kane from Mad Kane's Humor Blog, which often posts limerick and haiku prompts.

Michelle Johnson runs Poefusion.

Mike McCulley- co-host at Totally Optional Prompts.

Ren Katherine Powell- editor of Babel Fruit.

Rick Lupert- webmaster at Poetry Super Highway.

Robert Lee Brewer columinist for Poetic Asides, the Writer's Digest poetry site.

Rob Kistner- runs The Writer's Island, a prompt site.

Sandy Carlson One Single Impression , a haiku prompt site.

Sara Pufahl- manager of Writers Who Blog and Poets Who Blog, two link exchange sites.

Shirley Whiting Allard publisher of Word Catalyst Magazine.

Susan Culver runs Poetry Friends.

Tiel Aisha Ansari co-host at Totally Optional Prompts.

Timothy Green- current editor of Rattle.

Click on The Poetry Rolodex on the blogroll at PWB, under About Poetry, to find a link to this list in the future.


Mad Kane said...

Thanks so much for the mention!

writerwoman said...

You are welcome. Thanks for being a faithful member of PWB.

janetleigh said...

Sara, thanks from me, as well!

paisley said...

i really think you should add michelle johnson of poefusion to this list... she is a key presence in the online poetry community from my perspective...

writerwoman said...

Thanks, paisley, I will do that. I have a lot more names I need to add to this list. I just have to figure out who everyone is that runs each site, etc, etc. The list will keep growing. :)


ren.kat said...

Thank you so much for the nod!

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