Friday, April 18, 2008

Blogsboro Poetry Club Poets

If you are a member of the Blogsboro Poetry Club then you already know it is a great way to get your work out for more readers to find. But when I first started posting there I could not figure out how to align left my poems in a post.

I notice some poets are still struggling with that there. You need to align left EVERY line. If you are having trouble making it align left, which I surely did when I started posting there, here is the code you need to use

div align="left">this is where the poem goes /div>

Now before the div align and before the word div add <

The easiest way to left align every line is to, first of all, write out your poem in the post.

Click over to compose mode.

Drag your mouse over one line of text to hightlight it.

Click on Align left. ( You find that after Font, Font Size, bold, italicize, Color, link, Align Left, align center, align right, justify full.)

Repeat the same process for every line in the poem. Click over to Edit HTML and make sure your code is right.

Just thought I would mention that in case any poet is unsure about it can see the solution. Just remember you have to align every line.

Happy posting! And thank you to Billy the Blogging Poet for starting the

Blogsboro Poetry Club.

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