Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Noah!

PWB would like to send birthday well wishes to Noah, a PWB member who posts at Noah the Great. Leave your best wishes and thoughts for him in the comments section. To honor him, I post a poem he submitted.

XIV. Composition

My poetry
will set me free,
through words and lines
and many signs

that life’s worth it
and not to quit,
though, I struggle,
they do snuggle

around my soul,
show me my role
of writing lies
with a surprise,

the truth within
and cut off skin,
then, dipped in ink
poured in a sink,

and, swirled around
till meaning’s found,
and, I will move
and will improve.

By Noah the Great, all rights retained by the poet.


Noah the Great said...

Ooh, so I'm eighteen now?

I'm legal now!

Loudlife said...

Noah TG, this is fab - I'll have to go visit and read more!

PWB, I posted a couple things in honor of NPM and am planning on another Haiku challenge (I had one last year).

Thanks again for leading me to some great poets over the last several months.


lissa said...

wow! love this poem. I would have love to have written it

janetleigh said...

Excellent poem, Noah - and Happy Birthday, Dude!!

I like the whole poem, Noah, but especially the first stanza!

Well,,, I hope someone's made you a cake..:) Happy Brithday!!

UL said...

oh i missed your birthday Noah, hope you had fun...the poem is superb as always..