Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day Sixteen of NPM Project

The poet who shares his talents with us today is someone who works tirelessy as an advocate of poetry bloggers. His efforts help to spread the word about many other poets and keep poetry alive in the blogosphere. Before there was even a thought of PWB, there was Billy the Blogging Poet.

Click here to read
Would You Understand? by Billy the Blogging Poet.

Billy Jones is a founding partner in the creative arts blog network,, the author of 4 published books, the most recent being, Reindeer Tales, published by

Billy is also currently taking nominations for this year's Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. You only have till April 20th if you want to submit a name.

Thank you, Billy, for all you do for poetry and taking time out to help with this project.

To all other poets here, if you signed up for the NPM project did you send in your poem? Send it to as soon as possible, if you still want to take part.


janetleigh said...

I'd like to throw my "Thank you so very much, Billy, for your superhuman efforts to promote fellow poets" into the ring, too...:) And, Sara, thank you! You know how much I appreciate everything you do for PWB poets, but I'll say it again..:) heh heh Just did. ;>

writerwoman said...

Hugs! Thanks for saying that.