Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day Fifteen of NPM Project

Today the publisher of Word Cataylst Magazine has been gracious enough to share her work with PWB.

Click here to read Taking Chances by Shirley Allard.

A New Hampshire native, Shirley Allard posts her poetry at Whispers in the
Wind. Shirley has been blogging for several years and is the publisher and editor of Word Catalyst, an online literary magazine.

Comments or questions : editor@wordcatalystmagazine.com
Short Stories/Fiction: bobchurch@wordcatalystmagazine.com
All Other Submissions : editor@wordcatalystmagazine.com
Technical Issues: harryfurness@wordcatalystmagazine.com

Thank you, Shirley, for helping us to honor National Poetry Month.

1 comment:

janetleigh said...

Just loved Shirley's Taking Chances poem, Sara, and her beautifully serene blogsite..:)