Friday, April 04, 2008

Day Four of NPM Project

Click here to read Dandelion Dreams by Melanie Bishop from Beloved Dreamer.

Melanie Bishop lives in the NY area a.ka. on the Island.

She's a poet and an artist who loves to read. She loves the feel, the smell and the ownership of books. She has a BFA in art but poetry is her first love. Her favorite poet is William Carlos Williams.

Thanks, Melanie, for sharing your work with PWB.

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janetleigh said...

Not only did I like Beloved Dreamer's dandelion poem, but her blog as well. She has a classy blog done in beautiful colors! Thanks for this Project, Sara, as I'm learning of more and more talented poets as I wend around the 'net because of your wonderful NPM Project..!! Thank you! :) :) :)