Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day Three of the NPM Project

On the third day of our Celebration of Words Poets Who Blog is proud to showcase the work of Scott the Poet from Poetic Leanings.

Scott the Poet has been blogging since 2004. He occasionally performs in his neck of the woods, which is along the Jersey shore, so less woods, more sandy beach. Today he offers the poem "Grand Canyon," written based on a May 2007 visit.

Click here to read Grand Canyon.

Thank you, Scott, for being a part of our National Poetry Month Project.


janetleigh said...

I think Scott's poem on the Grand Canyon really gives the reader a sense of the enormity and awesome magnificence of the Canyon. I enjoyed reading his poem. :) I especially liked these lines:

"Cliffs reach out to touch the sky
Paths lead down where rivers lie"

.. because this is where I most feel a sense of vastness from the floor of the canyon looking up to the sky. It must be absolutely breath-taking.

STP said...

Thank you, Janet, for your comments here and at my front door. It is an amazing place to be and more then a little inspiring.

janetleigh said...

Hello to Scott! I hope you come back to read this, if not, I hope one of your regular readers will relate what I'm about to write to you.

Your Comment pop-up window does not "enlarge" itself by putting my cursor on the border edge so I can grab the border and bring it out and resize it to include the necessary info like
user name, password, etc. Your unsizable comment box ends about 1/2 in. (all I see is the first several letters - PUB) into the orange "Publish Your Comment" bar.

I've come across this a number of times on other blogs, so I think it's something you have to fix in your "settings" area. I don't think it's a problem on my end. On most blogs I can extend the box size by grabbing the edge of it and drawing it out to allow the whole of it to show. I'm real sorry I can't comment on your blog because I wish to re-visit and I read a number of great poems I wanted to "Ooooo" and "Ahhhhh" over..:)

writerwoman said...

As of right now, I am able to get the full comment window to come up on STP's site but if you are having problems, janet leigh, I would venture to guess others have to.

Scott you might want to go to your settings section, click on comments and change this part

Show comments in a popup window? Yes No

to NO instead of yes. That should solve the issue.