Monday, March 03, 2008

World Poetry Day Carnival

March 21st is World Poetry Day.. To honor this PWB will be holding a poetry carnival.

To take part, send an email to with the words poetry carnival in the subject line. Included in your email should be:

Your name as you want it to appear in my post.
The continent you live on.
A link to a poem you wrote.

On March 21st, I'll do a post with all the entries as PWB's way of celebrating the occasion.

Make sure you let me know in your email that this is for the World Poetry Day carnival so I don't confuse it with the enteries sent in for our National Poetry Month project. That is why I also am using two different emails for each project.

Your Blog Manager,



ren.kat said...

Hi Sara-

What is a carnival?

writerwoman said...

Click here to see an example of a carnival.

ren.kat said...


UL said...

I send an email to you...would love to be part of this too.

twoofusridingrainclouds said...

can we send multiples or no?

Sara said...

Its one poem per blog.