Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poem One from Jigsaw Project

Hush, hush, my love,

don’t splinter the silence
of this tomb
within my captivated heart
where I have made you mine....

a prisoner of what we were
and there you shall stay
banished to this place

so that my dreams won’t die.

Don’t think its fair?
So what is ever

You walked away with her,
together there
in your majestic grace,
and thought you could erase

what we were?
what we were?
what we were?

Cumulative dreams do chase
you down
and bring you round my side once more.

Hush, hush, your longing to escape.
Hush, hush, that tannic awful taste
that invades your mouth.

Blood in.
Blood out.

My love, you’re mine.
Hush, hush, it’s fine.

And all the promises you’ve made me
will never come

You’d rather leave? And to your new love run?

Hush, hush, you’re wrapped in my conundrum.

By Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

This is a jigsaw poem. If you would like your jigsaw poem posted at PWB, head here and read the post and comments for instructions on how to play along.


writerwoman said...

What a wild way to write a poem. I've participated in Three Word Wednesday before, writing a short story that had to have three specific words, but a poem that has to have ten...that was a challenge.

Hope someone else decides to give it a go to?

Also do you want me to post a new Jigsaw Project Take Two in the future? If the answer is yes, let me know.


Stacey said...

Well done! I bet it was a challenge, I think you have written it brilliantly.

paisley said...

heres a link to my contribution.. oh this was fun.. i do hope you do it again!!!!!

community property

i get an eerie feeling from yours.. i do not know if he is her captor or a vampire... but i get queasy listening to the way he talks to his love.....

paisley said...

shoot forgot to sign up for comments.....

mary said...

This poem reminds me of a movie I saw recently, The End of the Affair, as if Ralph Fiennes character were speaking.

I especially like the opening of the poem, "splinter the silence."

mary said...

Oh, I added your site to my new blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up my momentum for writing lately.

writerwoman said...

Paisely, let me know if you want me to put your poem up here at PWB.


Lisa said...

Excellent use of the collective words Sara! I'm impressed.

sister AE said...

I had fun with this and just mailed you mine to put up. I would like to see this again, but I would not be able to do it every week, so less frequent than that.