Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poem Four from the Jigsaw Project


That smudge on the page -
was it your thumb or mine
that added a signature of sauce?

The smear sends me into daylight
dreams of the dishes we made together,
when we set aside our different styles
in attempts to banish our hunger.

My longing sings solo
into the hush of the house,
as echoes surround me.

Your hands captivate me
as they transform flour to bread.
Your hands sure in the process,
their cumulative talent honed
by many loaves.

My attention is splintered
by that simple stain.
The conundrum of choosing
a recipe now leaves me
with a tannic aftertaste.

by sister AE from Having Writ

Note from PWB Manager,
Thanks, sister AE, for sending in your poem to share.

If others want to take part in the Jigsaw Project then head here to read how. Make sure when you send me emails that you mention PWB in the subject line.


writerwoman said...

Wow, I really love how your poem has such a different energy than mine. You saw the same words and made something softer and more wholesome. Truly lovely and nostalgic.

sister AE said...

Thanks, Sara. I thinks it is a lot of fun how the same words have spun off such different moods.

And it looks fine - guess you figured out the indent thing.

paisley said...

oh that turned out perfect!!! i love what you have done with the words!!!!

this was a really fun exercise wasn't it????

writerwoman said...

For that stanza I had to use insert blockquote, sister ae. It took a little while for me to figure that out. :)

But I finally got it.

Thanks for sending in your work.