Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Second Tag Poem is now complete. Though it did not prove to be a total success like our First Tag Poem, which can be read here.

The Second Tag Poem started on Feb 26th. when I posted the first line. The following poets took part:

Line two written by Sara who posted at PWB Interactive
Line three written by The Phantom
Line four written by Michelle Johnson and posted atPoefiti
Line five written by Ren Kat who posted at Side Stepping Read
Line Six written by Mariacristina
Line Seven written by Lirone from Words that Sing
Line Eight also byMariacristina
Line Nine also by Lirone
Line Ten also by Sara from PWB.

The rule was you could take part more than once but not twice in a row at the same blog.

A big thank you to all the poets who took part. You made this a lot of fun. Our Goal was nineteen lines but we only made it a little over halfway. Maybe our next tag poem will do better. You can read more group poems at PWB Archives.

Now, without further adieu, I present to you the PWB Second Tag Poem:

Gasping for breath,
like this is the end.

Losing the light,
now I can’t pretend
fireflies don’t fear
a glass jar deadend.

Beating on the glass
my silent aria rends
the doubtful mist.

I am the ghost, caught in your fist.


janetleigh said...

This is really good for a tag poem! The following stands out for me:

"Losing the light,
now I can’t pretend
fireflies don’t fear
a glass jar deadend."

Kudos, and a cartwheel, to all who contributed!

Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

paisley said...

you know... i am guilty of having forgotten about this... i do so love the way it turned out tho... bravo!!!!

oh and thanks for the nod on this weeks featured poets....

writerwoman said...

Your welcome, Paisley. Thanks for always supporting PWB.

Aareet Krsna said...

I agree with janetleigh. It's impressive!

myneighbourjoe said...

i really enjoyed the tag poem. must agree with others...impressive.