Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Call Out For Fiction Writers

Spread the word Poet Who Blog has a sister site for fiction writers. If you write fiction and blog about your work online then check out the just debuted Writers Who Blog.

Soon I will add some posts about publishing news. I won't dedicate as much time and work to WWB as I have PWB. But I thought it was time to put the site up and see if fiction writers would like a spot to gather like us poets have here.

I don't start these sites to benefit myself, though they do inspire me and help me to meet a variety of talented writers, I start them to encourage the creation of poetry and fiction. Everyone needs a boost once in a while- a kind comment, a prompt that inspires, a place to read about the craft they love. Its the gas that can keep an artist going, I believe.

We'll see what happens with Writers Who Blog. It may soar or never get off the ground. I do thank everyone who made PWB a success. A little over a year ago this site was launched and I never knew what it could become. I'm proud to work for you and be your blog manager. I hope you're proud to be a member of PWB.


Anonymous said...

I haven't blogged about writing lately, but I'm about to start a sizable project so I'll definitely check it out.

writerwoman said...