Friday, March 14, 2008

Poem Three for Jigsaw Project

community property

reticent recalculation
splintered undertow
cumulative accoutrements
captivated greedy souls
tannic words, acidic glares,
soft sweaty lawyers hands
the dog, the cat, the bedroom set
a hushed conundrum of demands
fateful longings, shattered dreams,
no account for banished trust
their culminated life together
court dissected upper crust

By Jodi from
Why Paisley
Just Paisley
Pearls Before Swine

Note from PWB manager,
Thanks for taking part in this Jodi and for all your constant support of PWB and its members.


writerwoman said...

Thanks for taking part. I love how you packed so many strong images into this one.

Lisa said...

You made good use of the words, while nailing a moment squarely!

Great job...

sister AE said...

Sara, this is such a cool piece and I just hopped over to tell Jodi so directly.