Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just say Tag

Our poetry tag poem is halfway done. Do you want to help to finish it?

Here are the instructions you need to follow, and also post at your blog should you take part.

Be the first to post TAG in the comments. Then take these lines and add one, in a post on your own blog, along with these instructions. Whoever adds the nineteenth line then takes the poem to Poets Who Blog and puts the whole poem in the comment section there. Each person who plays need to also mention what site you were at when you found the poem so that other bloggers can follow the breadcrumbs back to this poem. You can play more than once but not twice in a row.

The tag poem was last at Words that Sing.

Gasping for breath,
like this is the end.

Losing the light,
now I can’t pretend
fireflies don’t fear
a glass jar deadend.

Beating on the glass
my silent aria rends
the doubtful mist.

I am the ghost, caught in your fist.

Who's gonna tag it?

1 comment:

ren.kat said...

What? I did leave a note with the last poet.

At least I thought I did. It disappeared. - At least it was picked up. . .