Friday, March 21, 2008

PWB Honors World Poetry Day

Greetings, poets near and far. Today we pause and take a moment to pay homage to this art form we love.

All around our world there are poets honing thier craft, reading the greats, discovering new favorites and finding inspiration in the extraordinary and the mundane.

The following poets share their words with you today as PWB's way to bow down and give thanks to poetry. Please take the time to stop by these blogs and check out their contributions.


Head over to Poet's News Scrapyard to find Dániel Dányi's poem Sopianae.
Antoine Cassar from Muzajk shares his poem C'est la vie.
Go to The Marching Band Emporium to read
Inside a Sleepy Grin.

North America

Qualcosa di bello from Write Away offers Spring.
Catherine from This Girl Remembers shares her poem On Mass and Matter.
two of us, riding rainclouds submitted for you to check out: Couplet.
jeff aka the phantom and jodi aka paisley have collaborated on this poem She.
UL of the blog Typing Away contributes for this carnival the poem Moon Like Beauty.
Stop by Poetic Leanings to read Scott the Poet's poem: Jersey Shore.
Pamela Olson from Amputated Moon has been kind enough to share with us her poem Spanish Guitar.
Writer Woman, your blog manager, from The Shore of My Dreams offers I write therefore....

Thank you to every poet who took part in this! You've made World Poetry Day at PWB a beautiful expression of our adoration of this craft.

Lift your glasses as our carnival ends and toast "To poetry!"


writerwoman said...

If you think you submitted but don't see your poem, send me an email at

I'll do a special post with your poem.

Things have been crazy for me, trying to juggle life, this carnival, the National Poetry Month Project, my fiction writing, etc. Well, I'm sure everyone has just as much going on. If I missed adding a link, I'm sorry. Let me know.

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

Your Blog Manager,


marchingbandemporium said...

Thank you for including me, and I love the other poems.

...deb said...

Nice, writerwoman!

* * *

I wanted to let you know Read Write Poem will be doing a few things to support those participating in NaPoWriMo.

An into-post will be written by January at Poet Mom and posted next Tuesday, a week in advance of 4/1.

Thanks for all you do to support the poets. Your site is terrific.

Antoine Cassar said...

Chapeau for this wonderful initiative!