Friday, June 13, 2008

The PWB Poetry Collection- June, 2008

This is a new feature at PWB. I’m not sure for how many months it will last.

The idea is to list twenty poems, from different bloggers on our blogroll, that I have found enjoyable.They are not listed in any particular order. Do not submit poems to me for this feature.

Please check out some of these poems and leave comments. If there is a positive response to this then I will try to keep it going throughout the end of the year, at least. If there is no response then it will be onward to other ways to try and promote poetry in the blogosphere. Since this took a few hours to put together I won't be countinuing it unless the members here find it a worthwhile way to discover new poets.

Thank you for visiting PWB today.

1.Untitled by johemmant
2.Lost Cause by Robert Cameron Hazelton
3.Vague by Shakir Hasnain
4.Caged Bird by Fenny
5. a cigarette burn by Paisley
6. Senryu by Jack
7. sanity by Jade
8.Experimentation on Pretty Things by Brian
9. A Sunny Wreck by Corinne Elizabeth
10.Ode to Soul by Janet Leigh
11.Waterlike by Sarayu
12.INS Gallery by Tiel Aisha Ansari
13.Without You by Noah
14.Tidbits by UL
15.Speechless by Lissa
16.If I had a minute to speak my mind by Adeleke Adesanya
17.One Deep Breath- Adventures by This Girl Remembers
18.The Window and the Burning Church by Square Traveler
19. Doughnuts by Sandy Carlson
20. how your soul might slip away 2 by Mariacristina


lissa said...

I like this idea, I might even it do this myself on my site.

thanks for including my little poem

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for including one of my poems here, I'm glad you liked it, but more than that, I appreciate this round-up of poems. That was a lot of work for you to do, and I intend to take advantage of it by reading all these poems!

Sara said...

You're welcome, Mariacristina and Lissa.

crimsonflaw said...

thank you sara for this collection. i loved the ones i could read and looked for some that i have loved but could not find again....

i keep thinking of your ´´ heart of darkness ´´.

Jo said...

Yes, many thanks Sara, I'm going to be reading these (the ones that I haven't already) over the weekend. You put in so much hard work always!

Nathan said...

A great feature -- I look forward to reading your selections.

Fenny said...

Thank you Sara, I really appreciate your work and effort to promote poetry and I think this is a really great feature.
I sure will read your selections if you will follow up on it.

Also thanks for including my poem and for allowing me to be on your blogroll :)

C. Elizabeth said...

This is a great idea. I like that you select the poems to create this collection. It puts poems that we all may not have seen on eachother's blogs right in front of us. Thank you so much for including my poem.

Kiibaati said...

Gone through the poems. Great works.One good thing, it introduces the poets blog so one can read more of their poetry.

Thanks for including my poem though am still working on my craft. As they say, write is part of rewrite!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting one of my poems on here!

Nicole Nicholson said...

Actually, I think this is a pretty cool idea.


rch said...

Hey thanks a lot for the inclusion. You & PWB rock!

Stacey said...

Brilliant Idea!!!!!!!!

grh said...

How can you not keep this going?

Maya said...

I really liked this idea!! Found some great poetry!

White Rose said...

I think this is a great idea!

White Rose said...

I think this is a great idea!

writerwoman said...

Thanks for commenting and thank you to everyone who took time to read some of the poems.

I will post another collection at the end of July.

sister AE said...

Cool idea, Sara. It gives me an excuse to go check out not only these poems but the blogs of these poets. Sometimes I forget to wander through the folks in the blogroll.

I don't want you to burn yourself out doing this, but I would enjoy any other collections you put together.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for all your comments. I'm going to give month two a try and hope it workds out just as well.

Your Blog Manager,