Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From one of our bloggers-

"Due to recent copyright violations by a certain blog, [my] site will be made private starting on June 17th (a week from today). If anyone is interested in continuing to read the works in this blog, please send me an email at with your username for wordpress and I will add you to the list of allowed users."

KM Ryan from A (De)finite Problem with In(de)finite Soultions


paisley said...

i saw that and i cannot help but wonder what happened.. i looked at the blog in question and the majority of it seems to be in german and spanish???

i am always honored when i find someone has reprinted my work.. if i have not been properly credited,, i just ask that they do it,, and no one has ever refused... more often than not it is ignorance and not thievery i have found..

hope it all works out for the best km.. i have made lasting blog friendships over such indiscretions,, both on my part and the part of others,, and i am hoping that will be the case for you as well...

Sara said...

I'm thinking that other blog could be one of those cull anything off the net just to have content and then stick ads on the site trying to make money deals. Though, of course, I can't be positive about that.

Someone used one of my poems once as past of a short story ( the poem was about a solider dying in Iraq and the poem was read at the funeral) without asking me but they credited me as the author of the poem and so I was fine with it.

But that is really a different sitution than this blog. KM's situtiondoes make me wonder how many other things I've posted could be parceled out on the net. Its a troubling thought.

Anonymous said...

it looks to me like the problem has been cleared up. the incoming links have been removed from my admin page from that site so i guess the author did as i asked.

that being said, i believe, like sara said, it was one of those cut and paste blogs, because one of the posts had all 12 of the most recent posts in one, which at least gives the idea that he just copied the entire visible front page, if you will.

at any rate, the blog will not be going private, as the problem was resolved without argument.