Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm happy to be able to share with you another Jigsaw Poem.

Pershing by Jane Doe from Jane's Writing

Time is precious

Silent memories

Of wasted years

Days gone by.

Peace never found

A life never lived

Memories bent and fractured

What is real, what is fantasy?

Volatile emotions

Remembrances of past deeds

Flutter by,

Confusion abounds,

Can not clarify

The truth from lies,

Reversal of time

Is impossible

Withering soul

Dying inside,

Dry and brittle,

Like the leaves of fall.


Nathan1313 said...

There's a real sense of being overwhelmed by the past, by time, here. You do a good job of tying the prompt words together.

Sara said...

Lovely job. The voice used in this comes through as a wise soul to me.

White Rose said...

Great job! And why is it we can never let go of the past.

one more believer said...

beautiful...loved the last line