Monday, June 09, 2008

The Ellen LaForge Poetry Prize

Established in 1983 as the Grolier Prize, the Ellen LaForge Poetry Prize is open to all poets who have not yet published a book of poetry, including small press, chapbook or trade book. The winner receives $1,000 and two copies of the poetry prize Annual. Up to six poems by the winner and four by each of three runners-up are chosen for publication in the Annual.

Submit your manuscript, in duplicate, of up to six poems, no more than 12 double-spaced pages. Your name must not appear in this manuscript. On a separate cover sheet, provide your name and contact information, including email address and poem titles. Entry fee: $10, payable to The Ellen LaForge Memorial Poetry Foundation. Please mail your entry by June 30th to:

The Ellen LaForge Memorial Poetry Foundation
1770 Massachusetts Avenue, PMB 345
Cambridge, MA 02140-2808

Submissions must be unpublished elsewhere. No simultaneous submissions. Winner and runners-up are notified by October 1. Copies of the Annual are available from the Foundation at the above address.


paisley said...

Submissions must be unpublished elsewhere.

does this mean nothing on our blogs??? some do.. some don't....

do they have a web page??

Philip Thrift said...

Entry fee: $10

'nuff said?

Blog Manager said...


I agree its not for everyone- paying a fee to be in a contest- but some poets might be interested.


I haven't found a website for them. This page

Says you must send a SASE to get more guildelines.

Anonymous said...

$10 is actually really reasonable for a contest, esp. one carrying a $1K prize.