Friday, June 06, 2008

Alexa Cohen from Rebel Poet's Weblog shares her jigsaw poem with us today. I found it quite lovely. What do you think?

I wake up at six
for a reversal of time
I close my eyes
peacefully into a silent mist.

My mind still bent
on chasing
slowly vanishing visions,
on fantasies in shades of grey,
misty reveries-
precious silvery slumbers.

Volatile dreams flutter
to clarify my drowsy mind.


Nathan1313 said...

This really is quite lovely. "Precious silvery slumbers" is the kind of phrase you have to say out loud to yourself when you read it.

Maya said...

I loved your poem!! Beautiful imagery!! I honestly could find no fault...

Robert said...

G'day Alexa,
I am glad that it is beneath me to tell you that I told you so and I don't need to again tell you something that has already been said.

I most enjoyed the changing rhythms of this slice of time from the jangled first moments through slumbering acceptance finishing with pert publicly presented perfection.


rebelpoets said...

You are all very kind.

Thank you so much. It does mean a lot to me.

Maria said...

A sublime limbo, inside the
silent mist, before the fall
of our day