Sunday, June 01, 2008

Need More I Promise Bloggers

The Pay It Forward I Promise Blogroll needs 1 more member. Would you like to sign up to take part? You must agree to visit these three blogs every Thursday and comment. You must have 20 poems on your blog and update at least once a week.

The Rambling of Angelica
Firmly Rooted
Epiphany: Amour Habito Intus Vos
Screened Innocence

Leave a comment if you are interested.


Anubhav Kushwaha said...

I would be interested.

White Rose said...

I know you have a lot to keep up with, but I noticed I'm not linked to the PWB site. Is it possible to be linked?

Thanks :D

writerwoman said...

White Rose,

No problem at all. I just added you.


writerwoman said...

Thank you for joining, Anubhav. I'll add your blog to the list. Please start visiting the other blogs every Thursday.