Saturday, November 03, 2007

New I Promise Bloggers

I've been having a great time getting to know the work of the bloggers in my I Promise list.

I hope the poets on this new list will enjoy the program as much as I have. Meet our

Poetic License- I Promise Blogroll:

These five poets have now agreed to stop by each other's sites every Thursday and leave, at least, one comment.


1. You do not have to gush over their work, if you don't truthfully feel that way. But kindness and respect is required.

2. You do not have to post new work each Thursday. If you get to a site and don't see a new poem, search through the achives and find one to comment on.

3. If you want to be removed from the list please let me know.

4. If you disappear for over a month you will be deleted from this blogroll.

For other poets if you would like to be added to the fourth group of I Promise bloggers, let me know. That will be called the

Pay it Forward- I Promise Blogroll


January said...

This is a great concept. Thanks for including me.

Sarayu said...

Hi Sara,

I meant I promise Blog roll, do include me in the fourth list. Thanks


writerwoman said...

Okay, Sarayu. I will put up a post soon and see if we can get enough posts to make up a new I Promise List.

Hope you are having a great day,