Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Promise Check In

Poets Who Blog has spawned three smaller communities- the I Promise Blogrolls. It has been a few weeks and I wanted to ask how it is going for the poets taking part.

Are you enjoying being part of the program so far?

Is there anyone who would like to drop out?

Read about the I Promise concept here.

If you want to sign up for the fourth blogroll, called The Pay It Forward- I Promise Blogroll, let me know.

Make sure you understand that this is a commitment to visit other poets on your list every Thursday.

Your Blog Manager,



betty said...

I am very much enjoying the I Promise blogroll. The four poets I visit on Thursdays are amazing - I have so much to learn from them.
So yup, checking in weekly and they are as well.

January said...

I have been slow to respond to all of the poets on my list this week but will catch up today.

Brian said...

I would say that things are going well with heart of a poet blogroll. I think everyone has been fulfilling their commitments, as far as I can tell. I really enjoy the opportunity to get to know poets better by focusing my attention to a few. Thanks!

Ario said...

Hi Sara,

What Brian said. I still think it's a very useful and enjoyable arrangement. The only thing is of course that I don't always have time on Thursday to properly read my fellow group members, so I tend to spread it out during the week. I hope my fellow group members don't mind that...

Perhaps just one suggestion. This is based on a creative writing course I am doing at the moment. The rule there, whem commenting on fellow students' work is to make one positive and one negative criticism (i.e. what would you do differently) on every work that you comment. Perhaps that could also be part of this arrangement? I am only speaking for myself here, but I learn best by knowing what I do wrong rather than what I do right...

Just an idea. Otherwise, I am really enjoying reading and getting to know everyone's work better.

Jack said...

I'm really enjoying the Poetic License blogroll. Now that January stopped by, I've heard from everyone for the second week in a row and gotten some really good feedback, and I enjoy seeing what other people are working on.

Christine said...

Hey, Sara.

I've checked in with my group twice so far. I was out of town and off line for nine days, but I checked in with them before I left.

I think everyone has been to my site at least once. I've made some new blogging buddies, for sure.

Ananda said...

i enjoy the group. it so great to know that i am gonna read poetry one day a week no matter what. i really like my group's different styles. they teach me a lot. it helps me with my own creativity. tyou for organizing this process. peace and poetry. ananda

K.M.Ryan said...

i tihnk the project has gone well. i've done my best to find a piece on everyone's site and comment on it, but one of the members of the group, namely kakes, has neither commented on anything nor posted anything new for me to comment on (he/she has three poems posted, and i think i have left a comment on all of them). Other than that, everything has gone very smoothly.

S. Thomas Summers said...

i am very happy. my blog role partners are great. i don't mind if the comment on thrusday or friday or whenever they can. it's just nice to read a comment.

best to all.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for checking in everyone. If there are any issues with your I Promise Blogroll in the future, plase stop by and let me know.

Your blog manager,


Anna said...

Hi - I also can say its great. The interaction is really helpful and I love knowing that I am going to receive feedback on my work every week. I didn't like the "shouting in the dark" feeling.

I also sometimes don't make it for Thursday (also was traveling lately) but I do make it every week.

The comments I get really brighten my days. It's wonderful to have another little universe, separate from the day-to-day life and whatever is happening there.

Brian said...

you know what would be cool? Not that I'm expecting you to do this sara... but it would be cool if the blogroll could somehow automatically put the date of the last post(or some indicator of recency) right next to the blog's name.

when the list was shorter I didn't mind going through every single one and peeking my head around, but now that it is quite large, i would more likely visit those poets who have updated if I could easily spot them somehow.

so lazy i have become

janetleigh said...

I'm enjoying this I Promise blogroll weekly activity and the helpful comments I'm receiving from my blogroll partners. They are all dynamite poets with unique styles and their writing is of the highest caliber. I'm humbled knowing I'm learning from my betters here. I'm frustrated, though, not being able to leave comments on S. Thomas Summers blog. He mentioned above that "'s just nice to receive a comment." Pray tell, where are the rest of you making your comments on his blog? Other than this nit, I'm enjoying the whole process of this project. Many thanks to all of my blogroll partners for leaving me the comments that you do and for inspiring me with your enthusiasm and expertise that you share so freely. I am blessed..:)