Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Found Poems

I decided to try this, new to me, poetic form after reading about it at Stony Moss.

A few other poets jumped in and gave it a go, too. Read Mad Kane's work here - she is a genius at political satire!

And then cruise on over to Deborah Vatcher's site and read her lovely found words about poets and dreamers in her poem Undeniable.

Leave comments and let them know what you think.

Below is my found poem:

Moonlight madness
call to me,
come over me,
composing me.

Baffled dreams confound and confuse.

Aching beauty, lost at sea,
I'm young
I'm free

just broken, but really what's it to you?

Let me drown within these waves, let me scream out the Lord's name-
dying to a musical Hallelujuh.


*The darkened words are all from this Leonard Cohen song

By Sara from The Shores of My Dreams


Deborah Vatcher said...


janetleigh said...

This is heavenly, Sara!

The last 6 lines made my hair stand on end.. with reverence.. for your word choices.. and the feelings they stirred within me. Fantastic piece of work.
(and I really love Leonard Cohen..:)

writerwoman said...

Thanks Janet Leigh!

I do love that Leonard Cohen song. I find it beautiful so I thought A beautiful poem might be made from its randomly plucked words.

Whirling Dervish said...

Hi Sara

I really like your use of the song in this found poem- I didn't even think of finding poems in music- but of course there must be beautiful ones just waiting to be picked and coddled!

Anna said...

Hey I tried this. It works!!! I used the DMV manual! It's a great idea! You can see my poem here:

The Divorce