Sunday, November 04, 2007

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I'm excited to be able to announce this new site:

Nov. 4, 2007Read Write Poem will be launching Monday, Nov. 12. The project is an online gathering place for those who love poetry — and for those who suspect that, with a little nurturing, they could grow to love poetry. All that's required to participate is an Internet connection, gobs of love for the P word, an interest in collaborative poetry, and respect for and generosity toward your fellow participants.

Whether you are new to writing poetry or have been writing for years, you are welcome at Read Write Poem. If you don't write poetry but love to read and discuss it, this is also the place for you. (And who knows: After participating for a few months, you might realize you want to try your hand at writing a poem or two after all.)

Also, who says all our writing has to be done alone? Sure, as poets we love and need our solitude, but it's nice to interact from time to time and reach out to a community of poets. That's why Read Write Poem strongly encourages participants to collaborate with one another. Working with a writing partner or a group of writers can be inspirational and educational. Collaboration might even get you out of a writing rut or help you work past that dreaded "writer's block."

Here's our plan:

Meet & Greet post: Monday, Nov. 12 @ midnight EST
Stop by and tell your fellow poets about yourself. You know: small talk, mix, mingle, be merry.

The First "Read Write Prompt": Wednesday, Nov. 14 @ midnight EST
Visit the site for an optional, but strongly encouraged, prompt to inspire you to read, write or poem. There will be a little impromptu collaborative writing element to this post as well that everyone can join in on. Although geared toward individual and collaborative poetry-writing, Read Write Prompts can certainly be adapted for those participants who enjoy reading and discussing poetry.

The First "Get Your Poem On" post: Nov. 19 @ midnight EST
Leave a comment with the permalink to whatever entry on your blog you'd like to share.

Regular Schedule
The first week at Read Write Poem reflects the regular schedule for the site:

Wednesdays = "Read Write Prompt" announcements.

Mondays = "Get Your Poem On" requests for links to your work.
(These posts will always remain open for a week, until the next week's Get Your Poem On post appears on the site. At that point, we will close comments so the comment-spam monkeys don't find their way into our old posts and make a big mess of things trying to peddle their rotten bananas and whatnot.)

So check out the site.
There's a ton of information there about how it works, what its about, what other resources are available — random prompts, ideas for collaboration, and poet bios (coming soon), for example — and who's standing in line already waiting for the doors to open. And, you can sign up now to be added to the list of participants.


Hope to see you all at Read Write Poem

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