Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dip into poetic grace

I skipped around our blogroll and found a few poems that I particulary enjoyed. Check them out and let their creators know what you think.

From Poetry in the Garden of Fire, She is What She is

From The Crimsonflaw Lived to Tell the Tale, Untitled

From Reality Bytes, Slumber

From Mad Kane's Humor Blog, Web Withdrawal Woes

From Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus, Deadly glance

From Hues of Thoughts, Mind Game


Madeleine said...

Thanks so much for linking one of my limericks! So glad you enjoyed it!
Mad Kane

crimsonflaw said...

sara, thank you so much for visiting and finding that poem worth mentioning. I am humbled, my friend...

DayDreamer said...

Thanks for linking my to my poem. I'm glad that it caught your attention. The other works you were picked were awesome, so I am honored to be listed with them.

Barone said...

I am delighted to find your blog....it feels as if a whole new world just opened up to me. I linked my blog to your site and so look forward to reading the work of the many poets who blog.

jodi barone

Sarayu said...

I am very glad u liked my few lines..and thank you so much for mentioning it in PWB...
Thanks again!!