Friday, March 02, 2007

I support my fellow poets, will you?

Welcome poets,

The goal of this site is to support the efforts of fellow poets who blog. If you would like to participate in our link exchange please leave a comment and then link to this site on your blog. Soon after I will place a link back to you.

Also, I am looking for poets to interview and to participate in our guest poet program. You could have your work showcased on this blog and your website promoted. If you might be interested in taking part leave me a comment mentioning that fact.

All poets who share their work online are sharing pieces of their soul and deserve to be applauded for opening up to the world in that way. I support poets who blog, will you?

Blog manager,
Sara from The Shores of My Dreams


DewyKnickers said...

Hi Sara,

I have you linked already, but I am at




Cynthia said...

I would love to be linked and will link to you.

Cynthia at Prodigal Aspersions.

McDishy said...

Let's link!!! There's a bit of my poetry on my blog, and now I'm encouraged to add more.

"On The Cork"

TJ said...

Thank you for your words at the Write Words Writers Club.
I have been out of town for several moths and I am slowly getting caught up.
Do come back...yes I do support poetry and all those who love to write the words...TJ

strauss said...

Hi Sara
I would love to be included on your links list.
My poetry blog is called "Burnt Offerings". I tweak and post my poems here. This is the link
My other blog also contains lyrical prose, poems and other natterings, it is called The Brave
I would love to link yours to mine.

RomanceWriter said...

Hi TJ,
Glad to hear you are back. I think Write Words Writing Club is a great blog and a fantastic idea.


Pat Paulk said...

Sara I too, would love to be linked here. I'll add you to mine. Come by a pay me a visit. thanks!!

Anonymous said...


Nice to see you a blog. I have linked you. My writings are more of lyrics then poems. Hope you like them. As of now, I have put only one. :)

Beaman said...

Hello Sara,

I am interested.
This is my blog:

It's a mixture of my poetry and very short stories.

Naturally, I will link back. :)


Lioness said...

I'm interested. I will link you. I'm