Friday, March 16, 2007

Meet Anna Williams

This poet links here, find her work in the sidebar under Free Poems. Anna Williams lists her poems on her blog by what age she was when she wrote it. That allows the reader to feel like they are accompanying her on her journey from childhood to teenager to womanhood.

Her latest poem, There are Men , touched my soul. I loved the way it flowed. The piece is inspirational for dream seekers and those you admire the ones who are brave, bold, and unselfish in this world.

Leave her a comment if you like it as much as I did.


Markbnj said...

Hi Sara. (sorry Anna)

Introducing myself
Mark brown in NJ

I too do a daily poem, at

Topics include: politics, kids, relationships, whatever

I would also like your assistance/indulgence in publicizing my second poetry blog, called
the automatic poetry machine
(located at

At the automatic poetry machine, I invite you to give me a TOPIC, a feeling, and a NAME,
and the automated poety machine (me) will write a poem for you on THAT topic...

I would REALLY like inputs on that one!

mark Brown


Markbnj said...

As another way of introducing myself, here is my first post, explaining HOW I came to have my second blog about poetry:
Welcome to my poem-a-day
I was listening to WNYC yesterday when I heard Leonard Lopate talking to playwright "Suzan-Lori Parks" (Listen to the interview here) about her huge venture in 2002, when she commited to writing one play a day for 365 days.
For more details about the project go to its home at the Public Theater (in NYC)

Now reality hits. This started 7 months AFTER she was awarded the Pulitzer prize for her previous work.
I am not a playwright, but I think I can attempt to write a poem a day for a year.
(and mark sez: I should be so lucky to get published, let alone a pulitzer prize!)

Anna said...

Hi this is Anna - wow I am blushing. Thanks! What a nice comment. Always wanted to publish my poems but before the Internet it was such a hassle ... Please feel free to use the "Refer a Friend" link on my blog! I am trying to publish a book soon, too, but it isn't poetry yet...

Debbie said...

I enjoyed your poems. Thanks for sharing them.