Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Promote A Poet

The name of this game is Promote a Poet. Have you ever read a poem online and thought "I just have to tell someone about this!"

Leave a link to the poem that makes you feel that way. Share the love and support all poets who blog.

I will go first to get us started. Check out the comments to see the poem I picked.


writerwoman said...

The pain in this poem is palpable. It leaves me aching.

They tell me to feel the walls

The poet is Ischelle from A Room Full of Noises.

crimsonflaw said...

I love iscchelle's poem myself.
this link below leads to a poem from sara's blog '' shores of my dreams''.

crimsonflaw said...

this poetess has written some amazing visit her site.

writerwoman said...

Aww, that is so nice of you!

writerwoman said...

My favorite poem from that second blog you mentioned, Crimsonflaw, is the poem titled Chuck Soberiety.

That one has some gorgeous lines in it.

Rax said...

I recommend Extraplanar

the poems there are fantastic and don't forget to visit her archives section.

I was going to recommend unguarded-utterance too but someone beat me to it :)

writerwoman said...

Thanks for contributing, Rax!

Wow, I would have had no idea that ungaurded utternace is such a interent fan favorite. I do agree that the poem is wonderful and I am thankful that both you and Crimson tipped me off to another fantastic online poet to visit.

SquareTraveler said...

Twitches at The Twitching Line is the most talented blogging poet I've come across. I use her work as a gauge for my own improvement.

Here is her most recent poem post:

The Trip He Takes Towards Home

writerwoman said...

One of our very own poets just posted a gem

Dark Room

Rethabile said...

This poem by Cathy. And a whole lot of others on her blog.

Anonymous said...


(Just remember to skim over the comment I made an asshole out of myself from.)