Thursday, March 22, 2007

First Collage Poem

Another cheap paperback novel
banging in your head, head, head.

Tantalizing mental tastebuds,
a quill dipped in air and air my friend

it’s a sanctuary where she conceals
this collapse, this missing phrase.

Like plague on mankind,
reality interferes with all

Note- This poem was made possible by the donated lines of the following poets, whose line correspond to the order their names are listed. Two of this poets are writing friends of mine, providing inspiration and support to me daily, the other is one of our latest poets to sign up to link here. So, of course, you should be supporting all of them by visiting their sites when you get the chance. Delve into their hearts and minds by reading the poems that the above lines came from:

Line 1 is from Markbnj - Another Dime

Line 2- Sara - God Made Red

Line 3-Saoirse Sunday Scribblings: Inspirational Prompt

Line 4- Crimsonflaw - escape artist

Line 5- Sara Underground Sanctuary

Line 6- Crimsonflaw- Vague

Line 7- Saoirse- Sunday Scribblings : Inspirational Prompt

Line 8-Markbnj- Not Deserving


etain_lavena said...

very interesting:)

Mallikarjun said...

That was nice, Sara. Hehe. :)

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