Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why I Started PWB

I started Poets Who Blog because I wanted a way to stop "Screaming into the dark," of the blogoshphere. That means posting and never knowing if anyone would read or care that I posted.

I wanted to create a supportive community.

I longed to bring poets together to review each other's work. We've had a lot of bumps a long the way but there were awesome times to. Playing poetry tag, hosting poetry carnivals, add a line poems, jigsaw poems, and our monthly poetry collections are all fond memories I have.

The best part of PWB though was the poetry groups that we made where we reviewed each other's work. Because those put into action the true purpose and meaning of this site.

Reading this post reminded me of why I started PWB.


Aditi said...

Thank you for the shoutout. : )

Will post a link to your blog.

- Aditi

priti aisola said...

Saw your picture in today's paper. Will be there tomorrow to hear you and see you receive the award at Saptaparni. Truly commendable, your achievement.
best wishes...

Vidya said...

Thank you for the initiative you have taken..It is benefitting poets and poet-lovers around the globe!