Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have neglected and abandoned this site for the last six months. Basically I became consumed with writing fiction and did not focus on poetry at all during this time. Each time I thought about updating here it just seemed overwhelming and not fun.

I did enjoy this site for years and I did enjoy the poets I met. I really did owe our members more than disappearing without a trace.

For new poets who have tried to join recently I have not added any to our list because I have not been to blogger in months. It took me quite a while to remember my password to log in today.

What prompted me posting here?

Finding this blog:


Someone has taken our name and made a new site. At first I was kinda upset but PWB is certianly not trademarked and since I have disappeared from the poetry community its not like I have a lot of room to be offended.

I've chosen to look at it in the way that possibly whoever started that blog enjoyed this one and decided to expand on it. Its also possible the name is a coincidence.

I've decided to start updating this blog again but go slow. There will be no poetry projects or big events here anytime soon. Maybe next year if the site gets going again.

I really can't promise much because I don't want to become overwhelmed again or make promises I can't keep.

So to whoever is still around PWB is back. Thanks for stopping by our site. Today will be a fresh start for us. I realize I left everyone hanging and its possible no one will want to read this site anymore.

I don't want to post out of obligation, which is how I felt before, but because it is enjoyable. So if you still want this site to go on, let me know.

I tried to log into my poetswhoblog email address and found out it was deactivacted at yahoo dot com because I had not been there in four months. So whatever anyone sent me I'm sorry but its gone.

I know I had a responsibilty to this site and I've been slacking off but then again this is just a hobby, not a job, and I don't get paid for it. I'll try to get into posting here again, see if its fun, and see if I can find enjoyment in this hobby again.

Whatever happens I really did love PWB for a long time. It was a fun ride. Thanks for taking it with me. I hope the members here have enjoyed the site.

Your Blog Manager,



Noah the Great said...

We all need breaks.

Jessie Carty said...

i just took it as a sign, when my browser crashed and did not restore my pending tabs, that i spend too much time online :)

we definitely all need breaks!

PWB Manager said...

Hi Noah and Jessie.

Thanks for leaving comments! Your words help me to believe I am not talking to myself here.

I'm looking to get a lot more comments here so this site feels like it is a conversation within a community.

So keep commenting and I'll keep responding.

Ofira Sephiroth said...

Glad to see you're back.

I can't say anything about disappearing because I tend to do it myself as well. We all need time to concentrate on other aspects of our life.

Zouxzoux said...

Glad you're back! I completely understand how that feeling of obligation can squeeze the fun out of blogging....or anything, for that matter. Take it at your own pace. We'll be here.

April Mitchell said...

You slacker! JK : ) Glad this blog is up and running again! I sent you my blog to add...not sure if you got it. I look forward to reading everyones work.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm new to your site and it seems to me like a more reliable signpost than most to the kind of poetry that I'd want to read. Good work on your part, therefore, and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, everybody needs to come up for air sometime. The apology is unnecessary though. We all know how life gets too big for us sometimes.

Thanks for your work.

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