Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daily Poetry Chat- Thursday, October 22

Has the recession affected your poetic output? I think its affected my creativity somewhat. Its hard to be creative when you are worried about finances.

Anyone else go through this in the last year? Or ever?


Janet Jarrell said...

Oh my, I have not been here in awhile - many changes in your blog. I have a page dedicated to poetry - I think I will add you to the blog roll and when that poetry bug catches you again - I will be reading.

Someone said once that poetry is like a visitor that comes knocking at your door, if you do not answer, the poem will continue on to your neighbour and he will get your poem.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a camping/birding trip, the way I recharge my batteries, and was pleased to discover your return.

For the past year I have been less interested in poetry and I never thought to connect it to the economy, or any other cultural or cosmic event. I have produced less, read less, and been less impressed with my output. I suspect it's just a prolonged brain cramp and that this too will pass.

Regarding your previous inquiry on 'prompt' sites. I have enjoyed 'Monday Poetry Train' because there are no prompts, just an opportunity to display what has been going through my mind.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for stopping by Janet! If I ever post more poetry online it will be at The Shores of My Dreams, found on the blogroll.

writerwoman said...

Mike, thanks for commenting.

I'll check out Monday Poetry Train next week.