Thursday, January 01, 2009

PWB Business Post

I am interested in taking PWB to a whole new fantastic level in 2009. Will you help me?

We have our second anniversary coming up on Jan. 5th. Have you sent in a link to a poem for our poetry carnival? Will you be here to read poems and comment on that day?

We also have our Poetry: Project Hope on Jan.
20th. If you want to take part send me a poem about hope, change, overcoming racism, or anything that is inspired by the new President of the United States being sworn in. Send submissions to poetswhoblog at yahoo dot com with Project Hope in the subject line.

Today I want to ask all members if PWB should become a prompt site, similar to Read Write Poem and The Writer's Island? I have been relunctant to go there in the past but maybe its what we need to really form a community here.

Or are you already busy enough with other prompt sites?

If you are on our blogroll then you get a vote. Leave a comment and weigh in.
Should weekly prompts come to PWB or should I just add more of our "games with poetry", like Add a Line Poems, Jigsaw Poems, Poetry Tag Poems, etc?

Will you take part in either?

What is it that PWB needs to be more useful for you?


Anonymous said...

I think the site as it is wonderful and really stands apart from other sites. That said, posting prompts from time to time wouldn't be a bad idea. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you have a great idea for a prompt, why not? It doesn't mean you have to change the core of the site. For me, Poets Who Blog is a resource, a portal to so many talented people, a central point that I visit when I want to be taken to new and exciting places. So I guess my vote is somewhere in the middle, and that might not count, so if I had to choose, I'd say leave as is.

lissa said...

I like the idea of making PWB a prompt site, I need as many motiviations as possible, there are many prompt sites around but I don't always do them

anyway, thanks for keeping this site going and have a wonderful new year!

Coastcard said...

I feel that many of us view PWB as our own 'adopted' international writing community. As such, I feel variety is the name of the game. We do not all choose the same diet: we do not all choose the same paths in poetry, but some of us enjoy the occasional prompt. I vote we give prompts a go - perhaps with postings on an intermittent (but regular) basis. Happy new year from icy Wales!

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe it'd be nice to have a prompt once in a while, maybe once a week at most - but it would be terrible if this wonderful place became "just another prompt site." Occasional prompts are okay though. =)

Pam said...

I love the blog but would always appreciate prompts added. I would hate to see this site turn into an "only prompt" site. Keep up the excellent work.

tonyboy said...

Hi from

Maybe a way to keep the core qualities intact or undiluted it would be possible to set up a 'clubs' area of the site. People could join based on their preferences- maybe a "Prompt Parlour" (I can't believe I just wrote that!) and perhaps other more suitable names for other 'clubs'.?

Wishing you all the best- and thanks for posting PD's latest news Sara.