Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello, poets.

Below you will find a list of poems I have found at our member's sites. I enjoyed each of them. Please take a moment to check them out and leave comments.

Thank you.

Your Blog Manager,


Poets Who Blog January Poetry Collection

1.River by Zouxzoux.
2.Monochromatic by Paisley.
3. Untitled by John Barthel.
4.Homeby Noah the Great.
5.How by Leigh Lear
6. Between You and Air by Sarayu
7. In Norse Mythology by Carol
8.Unrequited by Monkeyboy
9.October 7th poem posted at Brief Poems by Brian
10. Eyes For the Stars by Corinne Elizabeth.


C. Elizabeth said...

Thank you for including me in this great collection!

Anonymous said...

Thank you as always. Oh, and there's a copy of this post at this link:

Oh well.

PWB Manager said...

Thanks for stopping by, C. Elizabeth. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.


hey! How are you doing? Thanks for dropping by. I know about our PWB posts being at that other site. I gave them permission to use them. I mentioned it in an earlier posts a few months back here. They also post other poetry sites feed. I figured it might get PWB in front of the eyes of a few more blog readers.


Leigh Lear said...

thanks for including me in this, I didn't know people still read my stuff:)

Zouxzoux said...

I, too, want to say thank you for including me. I must say, it always suprises me when someone actually reads and enjoys my attempts. :)

poetrydances said...

These poems each had a highly unique style- it was great to see such a variation across your picks here.

One we loved in particular - was by Paisley.

We have posted a link to this on our site, and also dropped a note through on the blog where the poem was posted.

kind regards