Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Second Anniversary, Poets!

Welcome to PWB second anniversary party! Some of you have been members from the start and some are brand new but we are all a family of writers and those who appreciate artistic expression. Thank you for making this site a wonderful refuge for artists.

Every time I ask the members here to step up someone rises to the challenge. Thanks for all you do to make our site work! PWB is not a place to come and just view from a distance. So jump in and get your hands dirty by interacting with the other members here.

Last year was a time of growth here at PWB, as we tried to find the right balance of news, prompts, carnivals and events to make the site the most informative and productive poetry blog online while also making sure to keep it fun. We're still working on meeting that balance but I have high hopes that 2009 will take PWB to an even higher level than 2008. Are you in?

Hope you stay with PWB for this next year as we work to bring even more poetry to the blogosphere.

Your Manager,

PS. Please consider taking part in our carnival on Jan. 20th. Your poem must be inspired by the inaugratation in any way you see fit. Send me a link to your poem at poetswhoblog at yahoo dot com with Project Hope in the subject line. The poems do not need to be political in nature.

For today, feel free to leave a link to any poem you want to share with our members here in the comments.

Also check out these poems by our members:

Virtual by WhyPaisley
Travel the River by Pam Olson
Yule by Mark Folse

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punatik said...

Here's one. Thanks Sara.
Happy New year to all.