Monday, June 18, 2007

Send me a poem

Submit a poem to and I will post it on here and link back to your blog. ( This poem does not have to be previously unpublished but must be your sole work alone.)

I encourage all the poets and readers who drop in here to stop in the featured poets blog and read more of that person's work.

Thanks for helping to make Poets Who Blog a wonderful meeting place for all online poets.

Your Blog Manager,



crimsonflaw said...

hi sara,
I thought this post dealt with something like a carnival. That is why i sent you that poem.

It seems, however, that it is about poets new to this blog. I think Rob Kistner, the poet whose work I found simply fantastic , is someone who'd be very welcome here. Here is the link to his site.

writerwoman said...


As long as it is all right with you I will post your poem, direct readers to your site and also leave Rob a message on his blog that Poets Who Blog would love to feature his work in the future.


crimsonflaw said...

yes my friend , it is always ok with me....but i think you have already mentioned the crimson files here on this blog in a way most gracious.

there are some poems of yours which i really love ( beautiful madness, this is the heart of darkness, that untitled piece on water, to name a few )
i would want the others to look into them and ........


Beloved Dreamer said...

I have linked to your blog and will soon send you a poem.


Brian said...

i have linked to you!