Monday, June 18, 2007

A Peek at Rob Kistner


relentless whirr
cycled pulse drones

coarse whisper from above
promises relief

in vain

blades disturb page edges
at rest before me

in irregular rustle they taunt




no burden of remorse
no weight of mystery do they bear

no sting of anger
no wink of mirth
with which to be dispatched

no coin of phrase to spend

dissonance spills through the open window
the buzz, chirr, and leggy rasp
muffled keens, distant yelps

the edgy din of crawling, prowling night

intrudes in damp insistence
to fill my head
and leave not one small space
for wit or insight

all in vain

there is no relief

nothing clever
or profound in the air this night

hot, sticky, thick


rob kistner © 2007

The second poet to be featured in our Introduction Series posts his work at Image and Verse.

Rob was gracious enough to share with the readers of Poets Who Blog some background information about himself and his site:

ABOUT ME: I am a writer, poet, artist, singer, song lyricist, and contemporary furniture designer. You can see examples of my creations throughout my blog.

At 60 years old, I'm lucky to live an adventurous life. Went to three different colleges in the 1960's, furthering my education at the "university of the road" cross country on motorcycles, then in traveling R&B and Rock & Roll bands for quite a few years.

I was fortunate to have been one of the country's first home theater architects, having evolved from designing and installing custom residential audio systems in the mid 1970's.

I was a member of George Lucas's Lucasfilm LTD, THX Division. What a great time! It was a blast having an office on Skywalker Ranch being surrounded by, and encountering daily, remarkably creative individuals.

I have now settled into the Pacific Northwest. I am thrilled to spend available time exploring this magnificent part of the world, while doing my best to be a loving husband and father.

ABOUT IMAGE & VERSE: This blog celebrates “creativity”. It features samplings of my writing, artwork, photography, and furniture designs — as well as rants and musings regarding creativity, and the general ebb and flow of life as I see it.

There is also a selection of recorded, “spoken word” versions of some of my poems.

I have included as well, some contemporary craft pieces which my wife Kathy and I co-created.

There is an assortment of links to other sites I find of interest.

I hope to share and communicate with a broad spectrum of individuals. This includes other writers and artists, whether full time, or with casual avocations – and with anyone who simply enjoys creativity.

I intend to develop the features and capabilities of this blog as it unfolds. The “spoken word” pieces are the most recent creative addition to the site.

There is a survey on creativity located on the blog. I graciously invite you to participate. Your opinions are most welcome and appreciated.

Thanks to Rob for taking part and helping to making Poets Who Blog a successful endeavor. The goal of this site is to direct readers to poetry blogs where they might find work that speaks to their soul. If you would like to be the next poet featured in our Introduction Series send a poem, links, and bio to

Your Blog Manager,



Rob Kistner said...

Thank you Sara, for contacting me and inviting me to be a feature poet here on Poets Who Blog.

It was my pleasure to accept.

crimsonflaw said...

a beautiful poem...utterly beautiful

So good to have Rob as one of the particiapting poets.

Rethabile said...

Yay! I've enjoyed Rob's writing for a while, now. Double yay!